Pioneer Valley Christian Academy



The preschool program at Pioneer Valley Christian Academy seeks to create a warm, nurturing atmosphere in which children are free to learn the Truth, as defined through Scripture.

Students are welcomed each morning to a classroom that instructs them on how to play, interact, and share while emphasizing effective conflict resolution skills.  The students learn how to follow classroom directions and adhere to routines which will equip them with important life skills and assist them in building confidence and self-assurance as they transition into kindergarten.

The preschool curriculum includes language arts, social studies, investigative science, Spanish, dramatic and sensory play, art, fine and gross motor skill development, and thematic topics taught from a Biblical perspective.  Christ-like character values are demonstrated and encouraged in all areas of learning.  The classroom also provides opportunity to develop social skills and foster learning experiences and activities that reach and teach children at their individual levels of development

Student Eligibility

Preschool students must be age 3 by September 1 and toilet trained.

Part Day     7:55 AM – 12:15 (2, 3, 5 day)

Full Day     7:55 AM – 2:35 PM (2, 3, 5 day)

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