Pioneer Valley Christian Academy

Elizabeth Snider


Elizabeth Snider, 2015 graduate and valedictorian of PVCA, spent part of her summer training and competing with her horse Ginger Snap. Elizabeth is currently in the Pharm D program at Albany College of Pharmacy in New York.

I began riding when I was a freshman in high school.  I had wanted to for a long time, and was finally able to begin taking lessons at Independence Stable, only four miles from my house.

At Independence, I learned several different disciplines of riding, including dressage, which is pictured here.  Dressage is a discipline of riding in which suppleness and flexibility are emphasized.  Riders and horses are encouraged to work as a team, demonstrating willingness to cooperate.  In dressage, riders perform a pattern with certain moves done at certain letters around the ring.  Practicing dressage has taught me many things that have helped me academically.  My memorization skills and attention to detail have been finely honed.

SniderBlog1I have also learned carriage driving.  I drive a pony named Ginger Snap, pictured here.  We have worked together and grown as a team, gathering show experience.

As I will be attending Albany College of Pharmacy in the fall, I will not be able to continue weekly lessons at Independence; however, I will be participating in the equestrian club on campus.

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