Pioneer Valley Christian Academy

Meet Our Staff

Our teachers and administrators are committed to Christ, to the welfare of each student, and to the mastery of their subjects. All teachers have bachelor’s degrees and approximately fifty percent have master’s degrees. Each is required to be certified by the Massachusetts Department of Education and the Association of Christian Schools International. The average tenure of our teachers is over fifteen years.


Mr. Timothy Duff
Headmaster, Sociology

Mr. Edward Campolongo
High School Principal, US History 10 & 11

Mr. Rodney Shively
Elementary & Middle School Principal, High School Choir

Mr. Gary Coombs
Director of Development

Mr. Douglas Emerson ‘83
Director of Facilities and Technology

Mrs. Sandra Fidalgo
Director of Finance

Mr. Robert Jespersen
Business Manager

Mrs. Susan MacLeod
Assistant to the Principals

Mr. Stephen Porter
Director of Athletics, Physical Education, Bible 11

Mrs. Denise Richards
Director of Admissions

High School

Mrs. Kim Annis
Art, Bible 10

Mr. Edward Campolongo
US History 10 & 11

Mr. Timothy Duff

Rev. Steven Graham
Bible 12

Mrs. Kelli Housden
English International Studies, Bible Foundation International Studies, International Coordinator

Mrs. Wendy Mansfield
Algebra 1, World History

Mrs. Nina Mozdzanowski
Honor American Literature, Honors English 9, Spanish

Mr. Stephen Porter
Physical Education, Bible 11

Mr. Rodney Shively
Elementary & Middle School Principal, High School Choir

Mrs. Laurie Snider
High School Mathematics, Middle School Algebra I, Physics

Mr. Bethany Souza ’01
Geography, Geometry, Statistics

Mr. Raymond Taft
High School Science, Bible 9

Mrs. Lindsay Witherow ‘97
High School English, Honors English 10

Middle School

Mr. Dominic Breen
Science 6-8, Technology Instructor K-8, Pre-algebra

Mrs. A. Nancy Feldott
English 7 & 8, Bible 8, Literature 7 & 8, Middle School Coordinator

Mrs. Wendy Mansfield
Math 6 & 7, History 7,8

Mrs. Ashley Nolette
Grade 6, Bible 7

Mrs. Laurie Snider
Middle School Algebra I, High School Mathematics, Physics

Elementary School

Mrs. Diana St.Denis

Mrs. Emily Andre ‘89

Mrs. Ashley Graham

Mrs. Valerie Berian

Miss Jackie Blount
Grade 1

Mrs. Malissa Feragne
Grade 2

Mrs. Rebekah Russell
Grade 3

Mrs. Elaine Weferling
Grade 4, Elementary Coordinator

Mr. Thomas Beggs
Grade 5

Educational Therapy, SEARCH & TEACH, and Structured Study

Miss Jackie Blount
Educational Therapist

Mrs. Jennifer Emerson
Middle School Structured Study, Educational Therapist, and Search & Teach Instructor

Mrs. Barbara Guarnera
Search & Teach Instructor

Mrs. Lynn Jefson
Educational Therapist, Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Linda Merlino
Educational Therapist

Mrs. Toni Pudlo
Director of Student Services, Educational Therapist

Mrs. Karen Sprague
High School Structured Study, Educational Therapist

Mrs. Alice Toms
Educational Therapist


Mrs. Alyshia Velozo ’96


Mrs. Kim Annis

Mrs. Karen Boisvert
Vocal Music

Mrs. Susan Capen
Physical Education


Mrs. Diane Andre
Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Tamika Davidson
Elementary Aid

Mrs. Laura Duff
Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Stephanie Feldott
Elementary Aid

Mrs. Caroline Funchion
Marketing Coordinator

Mrs. Morgan Madden Gilbert
Elementary Aide

Mr. Kenneth Gouthro
Cafeteria Manager

Mrs. Barbara Guarnera
Elementary Aide

Mrs. Katherine Kulas
Elementary Aide

Mrs. Tara Pierce
Assistant to the Headmaster

Miss Patricia Reitz
Cafeteria Aid

Mrs. Deborah Taft
Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Sharon Vaillancourt

Miss Jenna Wertman
Elementary Aide


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