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Tuition Reduction Incentive Program

Program Overview

Our program name, TRIP, stands for Tuition Reduction Incentive Program. Participation in this new program is strictly voluntary. We are partnering with Great Lakes Scrip Center who offers a wide selection of gift cards from hundreds of America’s favorite retailers.

The use of gift cards has become commonplace in many homes (especially during the holidays). Now, with the help of Great Lakes Scrip Center, the every-day use of gift cards becomes a powerful fundraising tool because families generate revenue through purchases they would typically make. Things like groceries, clothes, toys, and gasoline can be purchased with scrip.

The more you take advantage of TRIP, the more you save. Trip is not about spending…it is about saving on your tuition every time you would make a purchase anyway! There is no minimum amount that you have to purchase.

If you would like to know more about TRIP, please download the Policies and Procedures information below.

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