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Your days at Pioneer Valley Christian School, now Pioneer Valley Academy, brought new experiences, new friends, and knowledge that made a lasting impression on your life.  Now it is time for you to make a lasting impression on your alma mater. You have the opportunity to purchase a personalized brick inscribed with your name and year of graduation.

Each personalized brick can be purchased for $100. We will inscribe your brick with your name and class year; and, yes, the $100 gift is tax-deductible while it helps ensure your legacy for future generations.

You can help make a lasting impression at PVCA and help maintain our future.


You can purchase a brick by check or use our PayPal option which makes ordering one easy step.jordan brick 


Name submitted will be engraved on your brick (i.e. John Smith, John T. Smith, or John Timothy Smith)
Year of graduation
Email address



What is the Alumni Courtyard?

The Alumni Courtyard is a visible tribute on the PVCA campus to alumni who have supported the school through their donations. It also reflects a network of friendships and relationships as well as personal and family milestones.

Where is the Alumni Courtyard located?

The Alumni Courtyard is enclosed by the school building. It is located between two wings of the building where the library and science classrooms (old and new) are.

Why should I purchase a brick?

Your brick in the courtyard will be a permanent tribute on the PVCA campus. In years to come, your family members and many students, alumni, faculty, and visitors will see your brick and recognize your loyalty to PVCA. It is a one-time donation that will last a lifetime.


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