Pioneer Valley Christian Academy

PVCA Annual Appeal

You are an integral part in helping the next generation to consider life’s questions from a Biblical worldview, rather than a worldview based on the culture of the day.

“How did I get here? What is my purpose? Where am I going? Whom should I trust?”

Imagine students contemplating these fundamental questions. Colossians 2:8 says “See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the elemental spiritual forces of this world rather than on Christ.”

Our children, tomorrow’s leaders, are being greatly influenced by the technological advancements in communication that is infiltrating our world today. Without proper guidance, clarification, and discipline, brilliant minds may not be fully realized, or worse yet, they may be misdirected.

PVCA is mindful of the ever changing world of technology and we are grateful for a generous donation enabling the school to upgrade the computer lab with brand new computers. Additionally, fast, dependable, and secure Wi-Fi has been installed throughout the entire school campus.

Timely donations have made it possible for the school to upgrade many other programs and services as well. Additional Algebra and History text books were purchased due to increased enrollment. Spanish classes are now offered to kindergarten through grade eight, with a fully funded instructor and curriculum. The library has expanded its resources, giving the students more enhanced media offerings. And, our cafeteria and kitchen were renovated and a newer, more efficient dish washer was purchased for the dish room.

Projects and maintenance continue to challenge the school’s resources. However, the many able-bodied volunteers, swinging sledge hammers or rolling paint, or the funds provided by donors, has allowed Pioneer Valley Christian Academy to begin a number of initiatives. In order to complete them, we need your help with funding and prayer.


· Open a new Student Services center

· Install a new ceiling in the auditorium (former gymnasium)

· Upgrade the HVAC system

· Implement a security system

· Finish necessary electrical work

Your donation will also help with operational expenses. While the school has been blessed with an expanded facility, costs related to responsible stewardship have increased commensurately. The maintaining of the facility and grounds are investments that students, as well as the community, will utilize for many years to come. It is the school’s desire to continue to be a positive influence in Springfield by welcoming sports leagues, church groups, civic organizations, and performing artists.

The most important application of your investment is in sustaining the growth of PVCA’s student population. Some families are unable to afford the entire cost of private education. Your gift assists them with financial aid and scholarships, as well expenses incurred with educational therapy and one-on-one cognitive training. Student Services, accredited by the National Institute for Learning Development, has proven results that most educational institutions are unable to offer.

This year our goal is to raise $290,000, by June 30, 2018. As you contemplate your year-end donations, please remember the students and their impressionable minds.

Your tax-deductible donation to Pioneer Valley Christian Academy has a direct impact on our students, their families, and the Pioneer Valley community. As a non-denominational, independent Christian academy, PVCA operates without the financial support of a host church or any government entities. Pioneer Valley Christian Academy needs your help in reaching its goal, which is to train students to love the Lord with all their heart soul and mind. Please know that any donation is sincerely appreciated.

With sincere thanks,

Timothy L. Duff




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