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Over the summer of 2016, I made my way to Boston and New York for two events, Comic-Con and Trekonderoga. Comic-Con was held at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston. Although much smaller in scale compared to other events by Comic-con, the convention was great. Comic-Con was filled with cosplayer, celebrity guests, exciting events, and much more.When I arrived at Comic-Con with my father and cousin, I first saw the hundreds of fans dressed as their favorite heroes, villains, animals, or machines. Besides the cosplay, there were a variety of items ranging from comics, figures, artwork, and props. Artists from all over, such as Frank Miller, come to showcase their work while new artists and creators come to put their ideas out to the public. Comic-Con also had special guests, such as actors and creators. One of 2016’s major celebrity guests was the chairman of marvel comics himself, Stan Lee. Outside of the main events and attractions there was a cruise and an after party. The cruise takes its passengers around the harbor, has a dinner buffet, and hosts a party for its guests. The after party takes place on the upper floor of the World Trade Center. There’s food, music, dancing, and photo ops. Comic-Con is a geek’s paradise, but Trekonderoga is a Trek fan’s wonderland.

Trekonderoga took place in Ticonderoga, New York. Unlike Comic-Con, Trekonderoga is completely coordinated by its devoted fans. They showcase the history of Star Trek and hope to preserve it in the future. Many of those who came, myself included, dressed as their favorite Star Trek characters. My family and I dressed as a full star fleet crew. Upon arrival, I instantly saw many differences from Comic-Con; it was much smaller, but much interactive. People knew each other by name, and many of the attendees worked together to make the event possible. Trekonderoga has small events and Star Trek themed exhibits, and my family and I made sure to go through each of them. They ranged from showings of the original movies and television show to having a primer on all of the alien species in the Star Trek universe. They also had special celebrity guests and cast members from the show. The main attraction of Trekonderoga is the replica of the original set made by the fans, which looks identical to how it did in the 1966 television show. The replica is more than merely a display, it is a working set used to film a fan made Star Trek series. I was able to see some of the filming and see all of the hard work put into making this set. Dedication, perseverance, and heart were put into the making of Trekonderoga.
Boston Comic-Con and Trekonderoga both made my summer memorable and I would recommend either to anyone. They are an outlet for creativity whether that be showing your costuming skills and new works and art, or just meeting others who are interested in the same things as you. The variety of people, events, and fun made for a great experience.