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Five Benefits of the Flipped Classroom:

  1.  Allows students to work through challenging problems with guidance from their instructor during class time.
  2. Allows students to work collaboratively and more productively during class time.
  3. Allows the teacher to facilitate positive problem solving strategies.
  4. Allows students to re-watch videos in preparation for tests and quizzes.
  5. Minimizes the length of time and frustration spent on homework outside of school hours.

I am amazed at the progress my students are making. I enjoy watching them help each other and follow the same process that I model. When a student asks another student a question like, ‘Ok, what do you do next,’ instead of just giving their friend the answer, it makes me want to cry happy tears.

Bethany Souza

High School Math Teacher, Pioneer Valley Christian Academy

Instead of teaching lessons in class and then assigning problem sets for homework, lessons are taught through homework videos and problem sets are assigned and completed in class. The idea is to alleviate frustration of doing homework without the understanding of a concept.

If you would like to learn more about the flipped classroom, follow this link: