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Attendance and Punctuality

1. Attendance is required in all classes and study halls to which students are assigned. Absence from more than ten class periods per semester per course in the middle and high school may result in loss of credit for that course unless the Principal or Headmaster acts in extenuating circumstances. For students to retain credit for the class, a project is assigned by the teacher which is commensurate to the amount and quality of the work that was missed.

2. The school reserves the right to hold absence and tardiness unexcused except in case of illness, death in the family, unforeseen emergency, medical appointment, or prior arrangement with the Principal or Headmaster.

3. If students miss more than half a class period, they will be counted absent,

4. Students arriving after 11:00 AM or dismissed before 11:00 AM will be considered absent for that day.

5. Unexcused absence may result in detention, or suspension, if so determined by the Principal or Headmaster.

6. Students in grades 6-12, with three unexcused tardies to school, within a quarter, will be required to serve a detention.

7. Pre-arranged absence does not assure approval of the reason(s) for absence.

8. For students to participate in afternoon or evening activities, students must arrive no later than 11:00 AM, unless the late arrival was prearranged with the office.

9. If a student is absent and plans to participate in afternoon or evening activities, prearranged approval must be obtained from the appropriate principal.

Tardy and Early Dismissal Procedure

1. Students who arrive after school begins must sign in at the office and receive a tardy pass. Whenever students are absent or tardy, the parent must call the school office or write a request to excuse the student, stating the specific reason for the absence or tardiness.

2. Students who have a written excuse to leave before the end of the school day must submit the request to the office upon arrival. An early dismissal pass will be administered to the student with the time and reason for dismissal. In case of an emergency, students who do not have written consent to leave, may have a parent/guardian call the office so that the school may issue a dismissal pass. At the time of departure, the student should present the pass to the classroom teacher and sign out at the office.

Vacation Absence Procedure

1. While school is in session, the school discourages students from taking extra days off.

2. If absences are necessary, the student must procure an absence form from the office and complete it before the time of absenteeism.

3. Work must be made up at the initiative of the student after returning unless previously arranged with the teacher. However, the teacher is not responsible for getting the work together for the student before the vacation.

4. The student is responsible for completing the work within a specified time after the trip or receive a failing grade on all work missed.


Deliberate absence without parent’s knowledge and permission will result in a grade of “F” in each class missed with no make-up of work, and the student will be dealt with by the principal. The teacher may require the student to make up the work without credit.