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Attendance and Punctuality

While the school recognizes that there will be unusual circumstances that arise from time to time, vacation plans, regular medical appointments, etc., should not interfere with school if it can be avoided.

It is imperative that students be present and on time for school and their classes so they can fully benefit from the instruction being provided. When students miss in-class learning, they miss the teaching of the course content and valuable discussion, which cannot be replicated when they are not present in the classroom.

All absences must be reported, and the reason for the absence must be provided.  If there is prior knowledge that a student will be absent for more than a day, the parent must complete a Student Absence Form. The form must be signed by the parent, the student’s teacher, and Principal. The student is responsible for submitting the form to the school office one week before the requested absence, if possible.

  1. Attendance is required in all classes and study halls to which students are assigned.
  2. A student will receive an unexcused absence if the parent fails to call the school office or write a written excuse, stating the specific reason for a student not being present.
  3. The school reserves the right to hold absence and tardiness unexcused except in the case of illness, death in the family, an emergency, medical appointment, or prior arrangement with the Principal or Head of School.
  4. Pre-arranged absence does not ensure that the absence will be excused.
  5. Students who exceed 10 absences in a semester will automatically lose credit for the course. They will be permitted to appear before a committee of teachers and administrators to appeal their loss of credit. For credit to be granted, the student must show that his/her absences were reasonable (illness, funerals, doctor’s appointments, etc.) and that he/she has made adequate academic progress in the course (grades on assessments, completion of assignments, teacher letter, etc.). Credit will be considered on a course-by-course basis. If the committee determines that the student does not meet both criteria, he/she will not have course credit reinstated. The Appeals Committee will meet after both first and second semester.
  6. Students who miss more than half of a class period will be considered absent from that class.
  7. Students arriving after 11:00 AM or dismissed before 11:00 AM will be considered absent for that day.
  8. Students must arrive no later than 11:00 AM to participate in afternoon or evening activities, unless the late arrival was prearranged with the Principal.
  9. Students who are absent and plan to participate in afternoon or evening activities must obtain prearranged approval from the appropriate Principal.
  10. An unexcused absence will result in the student receiving a “zero” on any missed assignments.
  11. Unexcused absence may result in detention or suspension as determined by the Principal or Head of School.
  12. Students who are absent 20 or more days for the school year may be considered for retention.


Tardy Policy

For students to take full advantage of their education, regular, on-time school attendance is required.  Students are expected to be punctual for school, as late arrivals are disruptive to classmates who are engaged in morning activities.  Students are considered tardy if they are not in their homeroom by the scheduled start time.  A parent must call the school office or write a written excuse, stating the specific reason for tardiness.  The school reserves the right to hold tardiness unexcused except in case of illness, death in the family, an emergency, medical appointment(s), or prior arrangement with the administration.

1. Students arriving after 7:45 AM are considered tardy. They must report to the academic office.

2. A student will receive an unexcused tardy if the parent fails to call the school office or write a written excuse, stating the specific reason for tardiness.

3. Students in grades 6-12 with three unexcused homeroom tardies within a marking period will be required to serve a lunch detention.


Early Dismissal

Students who have a written excuse to leave before the end of the school day must submit the request to the office upon arrival.  An early dismissal pass will be administered to the student with the time and reason for dismissal.  In case of an emergency, students who do not have written consent to leave may have a parent/guardian call the office so that the school may issue a dismissal pass. At the time of departure, the student should present the pass to the classroom teacher and sign-out at the office. 

Vacation Absence Procedure

1. While school is in session, the school discourages students from taking extra days off.
2. If absences are necessary, the student must procure an absence form from the office or online and complete it before the time of absenteeism.
3. Work must be made up at the initiative of the student after returning unless previous arrangements were made with the teacher. The teacher is not responsible for compiling materials before the vacation.
4. The student is responsible for completing the work within a specified time after the trip or he/she will receive a failing grade on all work missed.


Deliberate absence without parental knowledge and permission will result in a grade of “F” for each class missed with no make-up of work, and the student will be required to meet with the Principal. The teacher may require the student to make up the work without credit.

Make-up Work for Involuntary Absences
1. Students who are absent due to illness or an emergency will be required to work with the teachers to complete the missed work.
2. Students will be given twice the amount of time which they were absent to make up missing assignments (e.g., if absent two days, student has four days to complete missing work).
3. If a student misses only the day a test is given or on which an assignment is due, he is responsible for making up the work the first day he returns. An exception to this would be if the parent wrote a note stating that the student was unable to study during the illness; the test could be delayed one day at the discretion of the teacher.
4. The student shall receive full credit for make-up work, unless it is turned in past the deadline stated above. Students can expect grades to be lowered on unexcused late work.

Makeup Work for Voluntary Absences
1. When a student is absent, it is the responsibility of the student to complete the missed work.
2. If a project is due on the date of absence, unless it is submitted prior to the absence, teachers reserve the right to mark the project late and, thus, lower the grade.
3. Makeup work can be done after school, at home, or during study halls. All makeup work must be completed within a specified amount of time, determined by the teachers and or Principals, or a failing grade will be given.
4. If school absence is approved in advance by the Administration, the teachers may give assignments to the student prior to his leaving. Teachers are not required to give any oral work that was missed but may give written work and tests for makeup work.

Makeup Work for Unexcused Late Work
Students are expected to submit assignments on the day they are due. For students who submit late work, other than for an absence, the following grade deductions will apply:

Homework Assignments
1. First day late, 20 points off the earned grade.
2. Each remaining day, 10 additional points off the earned grade. If handed in within the four-day period, the highest grade the student may receive is 50%.

Math Homework
Grade based on completion:
1. 100% – submitted on time
2. 50% – submitted one to three days late
3. 0% – submitted four days late or later

1. 10 points off the earned grade for each day not submitted.
2. At the teacher’s discretion, re-writes on papers may be permitted for a better grade (on an individual basis for students who turn in work on time).