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The high school focuses on preparing students for college by cultivating a Biblical mindset, critical thinking skills, and a compassionate heart.  It is our desire to enable our students to think from a sound and godly mind so that God may be glorified in all their future endeavors.  Our students’ spiritual growth is fostered through their participation in retreats, weekly chapels, monthly peer groups, and community service.

High school provides well-rounded educational opportunities with a comprehensive scope, offering a rigorous challenge for the college-bound student.


High School Curriculum includes Bible, Foreign Language
I-IV, English, Social Studies, Math through Calculus, Physical Education,  Science, Honors and Advanced Placement Courses, Choir, Fine Arts, Digital Media/Yearbook, Missions, and National Honor Society.


Bible for International Students

Bible for International Students is an introduction to the Bible and Christianity. Our study will address questions about the nature of God, the Bible, sin, and salvation. We will examine a variety of Old and New Testament passages to help students acquire a foundational knowledge of the Bible. We will conclude with a study of the book of Luke. Individual Bible reading and memorization will be emphasized.

Old Testament Survey (Bible 9)

A thematic study of the Old Testament reveals God’s relationship to his people in the historical narrative. The object is to associate the historical events and characters of the Old Testament with God’s sovereignty, covenants, and redemptive work.

New Testament Survey (Bible 10)

An inductive study of the New Testament develops a student’s ability to make insightful observations and draw pertinent application to one’s life. The object is to explore the main events and characters of the New Testament era in their historical setting and to understand how the spread of the gospel is essential for salvation to all people.

Bible Doctrine (Bible 11)

The distinctives of Christian theology make Christianity unique among all other world religions. Areas covered are the Bible, God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, man, salvation, the church, and the end times. Emphasis is on daily application and being prepared to defend the faith in order to speak intelligently to others about Christianity.

Church History (First Semester – Grade 12)

The goal of Church History is to acquaint students with the foundational beginnings, subsequent growth, and overall development of the Christian Church up to the present time. The course of study begins with the crucifixion of Jesus, moves through the apostolic period, and proceeds through the centuries to the present. The book of Acts will be studied for the first 40 years of Church History followed by B.K. Kuiper’s book “The Church in History.” The course includes comparison of Christianity with other major world religions.

Bible 12 (Second Semester)

Bible 12 emphasizes the origin, translation, and interpretation of the Bible. The Book of Mark is used as a textbook. The life of Christ, His various teaching methods, and the doctrines He taught will be explored. Students will develop skills to enable them to study the Bible in an effective and comprehensive manner. It is also hoped that each student will come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior if they have not previously made that decision.


English for International Students

English for International Students is designed to prepare international students for the college prep English classroom and to continue the English language instruction that they began before they arrived in the United States. Our study involves the basics of essay writing, vocabulary building, reading short and long texts, grammar, and simple literary analysis. The goal is that students will be able to improve their knowledge of the language and develop the academic skills they need in order to succeed in traditional high school classes.

English 9 – Themes in Literature

Themes in Literature is an introduction to the study of literature. We read and discuss a wide range of literary genres with attention to theme and literary techniques. We also evaluate each work of literature according to biblical truth. In addition, students develop composition skills, focusing primarily on exposition, which are essential to future academic success. Vocabulary study and grammar review are a regular part of class and are taught in conjunction with the literature.

Honors English 9

Honors English 9 is an introduction to the study of literature by which students will read and discuss a variety of novels, plays, poems, and short stories and evaluate authors’ ideas from a Biblical perspective. Students will develop their understanding and analysis of literary techniques and they will expand their vocabulary of literary terms. In addition, the course focuses on improving writing skills, with the goal of preparing students for future academic success.

English 10

English 10 provides an overview of some of the great works of Western literature. We will examine the central themes of each work, the literary techniques that the author uses to convey these ideas, and how these ideas should be seen in light of a Christian worldview. The course will also continue to develop the students’ writing skills, focusing on different types of writing, including narrative, persuasive, and expository forms of writing.

Honors American Literature – Grade 11

Honors American Literature – Grade 11 is a survey of American literature beginning with Puritan writings, continuing through the Revolutionary period and Romanticism; and finishing with Transcendentalism. As we read specific works, we analyze the author’s intent, identifying symbolism and responding through critical analysis, in essay form. Through the assigned readings and discussion, we examine how our country moved from God-fearing to Godless philosophies. Thought development, organization, grammar, punctuation, coherency, and general composition skills are emphasized.

American Literature – Grade 11

American Literature is a survey of American literature, spanning from the Puritan era through early twentieth century writings. The course examines the development of the American Dream and the nation’s movement from God-fearing to more Godless philosophies, accomplished through close readings of specific pieces including analysis of author intention, symbolism, and language use. Grammar, punctuation, coherency, and general composition skills are emphasized and put to use through essay assignments.

World Literature – Grade 12

World Literature highlights a wide variety of literature from a number of different time periods and cultures and a number of different literary genres. Students will engage with different viewpoints, examining the historical and cultural contexts in which the texts were written, in order to assess the ideas that the authors are trying to convey and evaluate them from a Biblical perspective. The course will also continue to strengthen writing and critical thinking skills through regular writing assignments, both in and out of class.

AP Literature and Composition – Grade 12

AP Literature and Composition focuses on a combination of American and European texts from the 16th century to the late 20th century. We examine and evaluate the themes of the texts we are reading based on their historical periods and the Bible. Students are guided to draw biblical conclusions as they grapple with complicated moral and ethical conflicts, and are expected to read carefully, write fluently, and participate enthusiastically in order to be well prepared for the AP Literature and Composition examination in the spring. Those passing the exam are often allowed to “place out” of a required freshman English course in college. Because students in this class embark on an advanced level of academic material, an advanced level of scholarship is required of them: daily discussion of challenging literature, quizzes on focused reading and vocabulary, and regular essays to probe understanding and prompt analytic arguments.


Algebra I

Algebra I develops the meaning of algebraic sentences, rational numbers, operations of polynomials and real number equations; the solution of linear equations, systems of equations, and quadratic equations by factoring; coordinate geometry, simplification of algebraic and rational expressions; and solving of word problems by translating words to mathematical symbols. Algebra I is standard for college preparatory students to introduce the trigonometric functions, their graphs, basic properties, and selected relationships as reflecting God’s order.

Algebra II

Algebra II is a development of rational and radical expressions, linear and polynomial equations and inequalities, radical and quadratic equations, systems of equations, exponents, complex numbers, conic sections, and basic trigonometry. (Optional: study of logarithms and matrices). Algebra II is a standard college preparatory level course in which students discover the precision and interrelationships of our counting system as part of the plan of God.


Geometry builds upon the material covered in Algebra I. The course will cover geometric figures, transformations, triangle relationships, measuring in planes and space, reasoning and parallel lines, proofs, similarities, and some trigonometry principles. Within those areas of study, students will discover the attributes of God as the creator of mathematics and geometric principles.

Advanced Mathematics

The content and skills of this course are designed to prepare students for the study of calculus and advanced mathematics. Topics include trigonometry, exponential and logarithmic functions, permutations, probability, statistics, systems of equations, vectors and matrices, introductory sequences, and higher levels of algebra. It is a challenging third-year, college preparatory course that introduces the trigonometric functions, their graphs, basic properties, and selected relationships as reflecting God’s order, so that students may see the nature and order of God in His creation and use of mathematics.


Statistics is designed to be an introduction to the basic concepts and techniques of statistics, and how they are applied to a variety of college majors and career fields. Topics covered include data collection, experiment design, measures of central tendency, variation and standard deviation, probability, hypothesis testing, and correlation and regression. Students will investigate these concepts through the lens of a Christian worldview. They will investigate the validity of data and studies, and the ethics behind various statistical analyses.

AP Calculus

AP Calculus includes differentiation of polynomials, exponential and logarithmic functions, explicit and implicit differentiation, applications of the derivative including curve sketching, maxima-minima problems, motions and related rate problems, the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus and techniques of integration, applications of the definite integral including area under a curve, between 2 curves, volume, surface area, pressure, slope fields and motion problems. All topics in the AP Calculus AB course description are covered including L’Hopital’s Rule. Students explore their God given abilities and higher level thinking through the study of Calculus. They see the wonder of God’s creation of mathematics and His design and purpose as He used men to develop and apply mathematical concepts.

AP Macroeconomics

How would you fix the economy? In AP Macroeconomics, students have been called upon to assist the leader of the Macro Islands where the economy is in shambles, and in need of some feasible solutions. They will discover how to create an economic plan that demonstrates Christian stewardship of scarce resources.  The objectives of this course will be to engage students in real world application of the economic concepts that they will be tested on when taking the Advanced Placement exam. The students will seek to teach this island the principles of Biblical economics in order to improve their economy and bring glory to God through their financial decisions and practices.
AP Macroeconomics is offered through Sevenstar Acadmey

AP Microeconomics

As the new President of the Sunny Seas Shell Company, you will be wrestling with two problems while learning all you can about microeconomics for the good of your company. First, how do you make money without falling in love with it? Second, how will you use what God has given you to honor Him and bless others? You will be required to exhibit your knowledge in May at the annual Board of Directors’ meeting (the AP Exam).

The objectives of this course will be to engage students in a real world application of the economic concepts they will be tested on when taking the Advanced Placement exam provided by the College Board. In the class student will analyze the basics of supply and demand and then investigate the various models of business organization from a Biblical perspective. As students participate  in these activities they will become more knowledgeable about economics, better prepared for the AP exam, and become better consumers in the real world as they use their resources for God’s glory and the good of others.
AP Microeconomics is offered through Sevenstar Acadmey



Physical Science

Physical Science serves to introduce the freshman to basic chemistry and physics. These areas include matter, its structure and transformations, and energy change in mechanical and nonmechanical systems. The course has a heavy emphasis on lab work and other inquiry-based investigations. Study skills are taught with appropriateness for the study of science. The idea that God is a unity within a plurality is exposed throughout the year as a unifying concept as we look at elementary chemical and physical ideas.


Biology has as its intent a broad survey of material. Its subjects include an introduction to human anatomy and physiology, basic ecology, animal and plant survey, genetics, and the molecular basis for life and its energy transformations. Laboratory sessions occur regularly. Scripture teaches the fixity of kinds for all organisms. We see when we look at various living groups that this is true, designated by the genetic programming that was originally in God’s mind.


Chemistry is the branch of science that is involved in the investigation of the structures, properties, and reactions of matter, and the changes that take place as forces act on matter. As one is able to recognize and appreciate the order in God’s universe, he is better able to understand the facts and principles of matter. Laboratory sessions occupy approximately 15% of the total grade. Prerequisite: C or higher in Algebra I

Anatomy and Physiology

Anatomy and Physiology is a senior elective offering operating on a yearly basis, dependent upon on student demand. The course uses a typical college textbook, which explains all of the intricacies of the functioning human anatomy as it relates to physiology. Success depends on an investment in study outside of class with a heavy emphasis on memorization of body structures and various physiological processes. In any systems, living or otherwise, complexity of structure has always produced an effect of function, as God creates anatomical parts fully functional and integrated.


Physics includes measurement, problem solving, kinematics, motion in two dimensions, force, work, energy, linear momentum and collisions, circular motion, and gravitation. Other topics are included as time permits. Emphasis is placed on observations, laboratory procedures, and data analysis in numerous experiments and projects. Students study Physics in order to satisfy a God-given curiosity about nature and the universe, and see the character of God revealed through physics.


World History

World History is designed to study the record of humanity’s life and experiences through the development of world cultures, in light of its relationship with God from the Renaissance and Protestant Reformation to the present. Through this, students will develop an understanding of God’s work in human lives throughout history, and how various events throughout the centuries have led to the world that we live in today. Students will be required to engage in class discussion, complete assigned projects and homework, and demonstrate understanding on tests and quizzes, all in an effort to examine the past 500+ years of history through a Biblical point of view.

Geography (Elective)

Geography is designed to expose students to the physical geography, culture, issues and challenges, and ideas of the world’s major regions. Special attention will be paid to developing a Christian view of the physical world and a Christian perspective on humanity and society. Students will study maps, read articles, watch videos, write essays, complete projects, and have thorough discussions regarding a vast range of information pertinent to today’s world.

United States History I, II

United States History is a study of the United States from the perspective of its Judeo-Christian roots, European beginnings, and transformation into a melting pot for the ethnic groups of the world. Our study continues in the second year with the crisis of the Civil War, to the process of Reconstruction, and then progresses to the United States’ emergence as a world power and influence. Students will be asked to consider how as Christians we can be a godly influence on a nation that is losing its dependence upon God and His Word.


Senior Social Studies is the twelfth grade level social studies offering. The course is designed primarily for college-bound students, and thus stresses the development of reading, analytical, and vocabulary skills. Because of the secular, humanistic culture that surrounds the Christian, Senior Sociology stresses the Christian theistic world-view and seeks to teach the students to integrate their faith with their socio-cultural condition.

AP Art History

Creation consists of beautiful patterns, designs, and systematic movements rejoicing in the One Who designed it. Humanity has always tried to express the beauty and precision of our creative God.  AP Art History is designed to help students foster an understanding and knowledge of historical approaches taken in architecture, sculpture, painting, and other art forms, past and present, from a variety of cultures in reflecting and expressing the beauty of God’s Creation. In addition to visual analysis, this course emphasizes understanding works in context, considering such issues as patronage, gender and the functions and effects of works of art. This course was designed to meet the requirements of the Advanced Placement Art History requirements precisely. Students will learn to look at these works of art critically, with intelligence and sensitivity, and to articulate what they see through the lens of Scripture. Students will be able to identify the presence or absence of Biblical truth reflected  in art and architecture through the centuries.
AP Art History is offered through Sevenstar Acadmey

AP US Government and Politics

“Lights, Camera, Action…” Prepare to study the intricacies of the American Political Culture in light of the pervasive presence of the Gospel. The script is written and the actors participate daily in the drama of American politics. Students will be “on location” to delve into primary source documents. They will go behind the scenes with stars such as the President, Congress people, and Supreme Court Justices. They will research the roles of the media, political parties, interest groups, states, candidates, bureaucracy, and the public in the governmental process. Finally, they will witness the large-scale production of policy building in the areas of economic/social policy, foreign policy, and public administration. While our nation’s governmental forms may not be explicitly described in the Bible, there are many principles and themes throughout scripture which provide Christians with direction on how to interact and respond to government.
AP US Government and Policies is offered through Sevenstar Acadmey


High School Boys

The purpose of the Physical Education program is to help lead our young men into a lifetime of physical activity and the pursuit of a healthy adult lifestyle through a program that is balanced and Christ-centered. We encourage our young men to acquire knowledge of a variety of athletic activities giving them a range of experiences to help them to be more comfortable with their physical bodies. Activities will include fitness, weight lifting, team and individual sports, as well as a New Games unit.

High School Girls

Physical education emphasizes student participation in various games/activities focusing on the development of fundamental movement skills by integrating them into individual and team activities to achieve higher levels of skill acquisition. Students participate in activities that contribute toward higher levels of physical fitness to promote a healthy lifestyle and responsible stewardship of the physical body. Knowledge of skills, strategies, rules, fitness assessments, and the need for physical activity for a lifetime are covered. The range of activities include: team/individual activities/sports, rhythmic activities, cooperative games, and conditioning exercise/activities. Students are encouraged to work productively and cooperatively in group activities in a manner that is consistent with Biblical truths. Appreciation for a healthy physical body is fostered as well as its proper maintenance enabling students to fulfil their God-given potential in life.

fine ARTs

Art Foundations

Art Foundations is an introductory high school art class that gives students the foundational skills for exploring the mediums of drawing, painting (acrylic and watercolor), ceramics, printmaking, and textiles. A working knowledge of the elements and principles of art will enable the students to explore the more specific areas of color, design, portraits, sculpture, and architecture in Springfield. Students make creative choices as they grow in awareness of how God makes Himself known through the visual world.


General knowledge of the elements and principles of art are the starting points for these classes, which are open to students of various learning levels. Units of study include drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, textiles, and printmaking, as well as other fields. They enable the student to explore a broad range of materials and techniques as they work on individual studio projects while they apply their Christian faith to their artistic choices.


Spanish I

Spanish I may begin in the ninth or eleventh grade. Introduction is given in four skills areas: listening, speaking, reading, and writing with emphasis on the written word, Scripture memory, vocabulary, and grammar. Cultural studies may include history, literature, and the arts. Additionally, students will explore the role that language plays in God’s plan for our lives.

Spanish II

Spanish II is a continuation of the four skills introduced in Spanish I, with more emphasis on grammar and reading. Aural/oral drills, Scripture memory, vocabulary, and cultural studies continue. Spanish II is offered to tenth and twelfth grade students. Prerequisite: C or higher in Spanish I. Additionally, students will explore the role that language plays in God’s plan for our lives.

Spanish III

Spanish III emphasizes advanced grammatical concepts, aural/oral practice, more challenging readings, translations, original written work, and memorization of Scriptures. Cultural studies are integrated throughout course content. Prerequisite: C or higher in Spanish II. Additionally, students will explore the role that language plays in God’s plan for our lives.

Spanish IV

Spanish IV is designed to emphasize the nuances of advanced grammar, higher level reading, Scripture memory, and conversation. Further cultural studies continue throughout the course. Prerequisite: C or higher in Spanish III. Additionally, students will explore the role that language plays in God’s plan for our lives.


High School Choir (9-12)

High School Choir is an elective one-credit course that challenges students in the areas of vocal technique, sight reading, music theory, and ministry. Students are taught that music is one of the gifts God has given us to use in worship. As musicians, we have the unique opportunity to return this gift to God in a way that not only pleases Him, but also encourages and blesses others at the same time. The choir is given the following performance opportunities throughout the year: Grandparent’s Day, Christmas Concert, Spring Concert, National Honor Society Program, and Graduation.



Our teachers and administrators are committed to Christ, the welfare of each student, and the mastery of their subjects.  Each is required to be certified by the Massachusetts Department of Education and the Association of Christian Schools International.

Kim Annis


Russell Annis

High School, History

Kevin David

High School, Bible & English

Timothy Duff


Patricia Kasulinous

High School, Science

Nina Mozdzonowski

High School, English & Spanish

Stephen Porter

Athletic Director

Laurie Snider

High School, Mathematics

Bethany Souza

High School, Mathematics

Lindsay Witherow

High School, English


A Christ-centered community committed to developing students’ individual strengths, helping them to achieve their highest potential.


A Christ-centered community committed to developing students’ individual strengths, helping them to achieve their highest potential.


Taught from a Biblical perspective, students are encouraged to pursue excellence in their academics, life choices, and personal relationships.


Taught from a Biblical perspective, students are encouraged to pursue excellence in their academics, life choices, and personal relationships.


Successful graduates acquire the ability to think critically with a passion to lead and serve, affecting the world around them for God’s glory.


Successful graduates acquire the ability to think critically with a passion to lead and serve, affecting the world around them for God’s glory.


Variable tuition rates are available to eligible families in grades Kindergarten through grade twelve. Maximum tuition level is for families who choose not to apply, or who do not qualify for,
the variable tuition rate.

2022 – 2023 TUITION RATES



Grades 9-12
Full Day | 7:45 AM – 2:45 PM




It has been a tremendous blessing to have all of our children attend PVCA. They have grown so much in the Lord, and they are excelling in their academics.

Kerri Belmer

For my child, Christian Education is a grounding that bridges the continuity in the value system between home and school. Christian Education fosters her spiritual growth so much so that she has become a leader and teacher in the United Youth for Christ Ministry in our church.

Deloris Drakes

We love the diversity of experiences and perspectives that are present in the PVCA community. Teachers and students reflect the ethnic, racial, and socio-economic diversity that we see in the kingdom of God.

Megan Hill


Pioneer Valley Christian Academy

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Pioneer Valley Christian Academy is one of New England's Private Christian Schools located in Springfield, MA. We offer students access to leading-edge opportunities for intellectual, professional, and leadership development to address the increasingly complex challenges of a global society. Pioneer Valley Christian Academy stands apart from other outstanding schools in New England by combining an exceptional education with Christian faith.

Pioneer Valley Christian Academy admits students of any race, color, and national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the academy. The academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, or national and ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and financial aid, athletics, and other school-administered programs.